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Compression Gloves
Reduces Pain & Inflammation
Woven with Hemp Fibers
Lightweight & Comfortable
Features & Benefits
  • Compression gloves help arthritis pain
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Woven with moisture-wicking hemp fiber
  • Keeps your hands cool & comfortable
  • Enjoy a better range of motion and grip
  • Open tips so you can use your devices
Real Hempvana Reviews
"Arthritic Gloved"
“When my hands start hurting I put gloves on and wear them as long as I need. Best purchase I've made since the pain cream which is another hit”

- Debra M.


“My husband Love his Hempvana Arthritis Gloves. He says he can really feel the difference when he wears them. He recommends highly.”

- Guadalupe

"It Works!"

“Got into an accident many years ago and have trouble using my hands. Hempvana Gloves help me grip things again.”

- Clayton J

Enjoy The Simplest Tasks Again
Pain and stiffness in your hands can make the simplest chores impossible. Now there’s Hempvana® Hands, the new and innovative compression gloves woven with fibers from the Cannabis sativa plant. Slide them on and you will feel the difference.
Just Slide Them On to Reduce Pain!
Hempvana Hands are meticulously designed to provide compression, increasing circulation, and oxygen delivery to muscles. This helps ease pain and inflammation — designed to reduce muscle and joint aches and pains with comfortable compression.
Everyday Tasks Become Easier
With these cool, lightweight gloves everyday tasks become easier. Use them around the house or at work, or anywhere, giving you pain relief. You’ll get more range of motion, less stiffness, and more grip strength. Plus, your fingers are free for your phone and more.
Woven with Hemp Fibers from the Cannabis Sativa Plant
Since Hempvana® Hands are woven with hemp fibers, they wick moisture to keep your hands dry and come off with ease. They’re so comfortable you can even sleep with them at night! Why live with the pain when you can slip on a pair of Hempvana® Hands?
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Hempvana Pain Relief Cream

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